No Rules -- Starr Ambrose

Gold Fire -- Starr Ambrose

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My books always seem to feature powerful people and dangerous situations, often played out on a backdrop of wealth and prestige.  This is not a reflection of my real life!  In fact, it is so far removed you can’t even smell the horse manure from those lofty fictional heights. 

For a peek into my real life, I invite you to read Dirt Road Diaries:  www.dirtroaddiaries.blogspot.com

On Writing

I also use my blog to post observations on writing, and on the writing life.  This link will take you to just those posts having to do with writing: http://dirtroaddiaries.blogspot.com/search/label/writing

Sample articles:

"Respecting the Muse" - I don't always feel like writing
"Hot Enough For You?" - on sex in romance books
"Bodice Rippers" - What put the trash in trashy romance
"Story Ideas" - where do they come from?
"What I Learned at the Shooting Range" - me and a Glock 9
"How Kindle is Making Me Work Harder" - keeping up with a changing business